L Cannata & Sons Cape)(Pty)Ltd. was originally established as L. Cannata & Sons in1910 by Liborio Cannata, an Italian ex patriot and one of the few quarry owners and granite processing pioneers in South Africa at the turn of the century and grandfather of present Director Italo Cannata.

Celebrating 108 years is a significant milestone in any business and when that business continues to operate under the ownership and management of the same family that established it back in 1910 then it bears extraordinary significance.

As proud pioneers in the marble, granite and stone industry it comes as no surprise that this pride is shared by all the descendants of Cannata & Son’s founder Liborio Cannata, who all presently participate in the operation of this traditional family run business.

Pride is fundamental to Cannata’s centenary celebrations. Pride in their fervent heritage; pride in the superiority of their products; pride in the expertise of their highly skilled artisans and craftspeople; pride in the advancement and sophistication of their factory and facilities; pride in their relationships with both the world’s and South Africa’s leading property developers and construction companies; pride in the countless innovative commercial and residential projects they have had the pleasure of working on.